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  • Summary of the differences between the two games
    If You Know How To Play Chess

    If you already know how to play the game of 8x8 chess, the short summary of the differences shown above is all you need to know.

    The two most prevalent questions I hear from players after they have finished reviewing this rules summary are:

    1) Why extend the 50-move rule out to 100 moves?

    2) Why should castling reset the 100-move rule counter?

    The short answer to the first question is this: With as few as 4 pieces on the board, it might take as many as 72 moves to force a checkmate.

    If seems unfair if such a position was declared a draw due to an artifact of the rule in a another game (i.e. 8x8 chess).

    A more complete answer, replete with diagrams and endgame analysis is provided on this page you can see by clicking here

    Regarding the second item, think about the 8x8 chess 50-move rule this way: Every move that resets the 50-move rule counter is irreversible except for castling!

    Any piece capture sets the counter back to 0. Any pawn move sets the counter back to 0.

    There is no way to undo a piece capture, nor can one reverse a pawn move. Both types of moves are irreversible.

    But, we can't state the 8x8 chess 50-move rule as: Any irreversible move resets the 50-move counter, since castling is an irreversible move and it does not reset their counter.

    I chose to allow castling to reset the 100-move counter in Trice's Chess more for the reduced simplicity in stating the rule rather than the explicit inclusion of castling as a condition for consideration. If you think about it, castling occurs so early in the game, it will mostly likely never be the cause of extending the game (can you imagine 100 moves transpiring without a pawn move or a capture after castling?) so it's not an earth-shattering rule change. It does, however, allow me to state: Any irreversible move resets the 100-move counter in Trice's Chess very succinctly and unambiguously.

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