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  • June 2023 Tounament Games

    The June 2023 tournament is free to enter. Each win will be paid $100 cash via the CashApp program. If you want to get paid, get this program! Games will be played at the time control of 1 day per move so you will have plenty of time to think and avoid blunders! All games will be played on the Green Chess playing site. That site is free to join but requires an email address to sign up. Each player with the white pieces will create the game and invite the player will the black pieces. Follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to get your game started.

    Round 1
    TheUsualDK7 vs. letchworthshire
    Black checkmates on move 27 $100 for letchworthshire
    Lenny vs. shogi
    Black checkmates on move 30 $100 for shogi
    YaccAttack vs. LindenLyons
    White checkmates on move 69 $100 for YaccAttack
    Round 2
    letchworthshire vs. TheUsualDK7
    Black resigned on move 24 $200 for letchworthshire
    shogi vs. Lenny
    White checkmates on move 40 $200 for shogi
    LindenLyons vs. YaccAttack
    Black lost on time on move 18 $100 for LindenLyons
    Round 3
    Lenny vs. letchworthshire
    Draw after blacks's 24th move $0 awarded for the draw
    YaccAttack vs. Shogi
    In Progress $ unknown
    LindenLyons vs. TheUsualDK7
    Black checkmates on move 41 $100 for TheUsualDK7
    Round 4
    letchworthshire vs. Lenny
    Black resigned on move 19 $300 for letchworthshire
    Shogi vs. YaccAttack
    Not Yet Started $ unknown
    TheUsualDK7 vs. LindenLyons
    White checkmates in 77 moves $200 for TheUsualDK7
    Round 5
    YaccAttack vs. TheUnusualDK7
    Not yet started $ unknown
    Shogi vs. letchworthshire
    Black checkmated on move 49 $400 for letchworthshire
    LindenLyons vs. Lenny
    Not started yet $ unknown
    Round 6
    TheUnusualDK7 vs. YaccAttack
    Not yet started $ unknown
    letchworthshire vs. Shogi
    Not yet started $ unknown
    Lenny vs. LindenLyons
    Not started yet $ unknown

    Replay Section

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