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    There are essentially two types of websites where you can play 8x8 chess and variants such as Trice's Chess' online.
    The first type of location is called a Live Play site. Here you will most likely be interacting with very strong players with games that will be timed with a clock. Most of the people reading this will get their butts handed to them by the sharks that swim in these waters. The best of the best here are seasoned tournament chess players with dozens or hundreds of tournaments under their belts. Even the average tournament player will have a decided advantage over you here, so do not be discouraged if you lose your shirt if you opt to play here immediately. In time, you will improve, especially if you keep at it. Just be prepared for an uphill battle.
    The other type of website allows you to play Turn-Based games without a clock. In fact, they use a calendar and you may take several days to make a move. Usually the players on these sites play many game "in parallel" since they have so much time to think about a move. They are also friendlier, less competitive, and more likely to help you when you are learning. If you are a total beginner, it is far better to play some Turn-Based before challenging the rest of the world for Live Play dominance.

    So what would you like to do? Dive in with the sharks and play live with a clock, or take your time, and play turn-based?

    I am either Brave, Ready, or Foolish. Let me swim with the sharks! (click below)

    I think I will play Turn-Based for now.(click below)

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