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  • The Gothic Vortex Program

    The world's best Trice's Chess program is available for $20 and can be purchased through the CashApp "cash tag" $CertifiedPurchase
    FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the United States. $10 shipping additional to anywhere in the world.
    Also available via PayPal with a payment to edwardtrice@mail but make sure you say the product is RECEIVED, or else they hold your money for 21 days. (No orders are shipped without receving full payment.)
    Send an email to Ed Trice with your shipping information once you have sent in your payment. The applicable taxes and shipping costs are included in the price.

    Gothic Vortex is the name of the best Trice's Chess program you can buy.

    It has over 30,000 moves in its opening book, and it can announce a checkmate in 72 moves with its endgame databases.

    For those who want even more performance in the endgame, a limited edition version of the program that can announce a checkmate in 268 moves is available for $100. See the Checkmate in 268 Moves menu item on the far left.

    As you can see in the window above, the program was built by a "Dream Team" of artificial intelligence researchers who have collectively published many papers in the domains of chess programming, efficient searching techniques, chess endgame theory, endgame database construction, and data compression techniques. This program took 3 man-years to design and develop. You are getting an amazing product for its inexpensive price! This program is copyrighted, 2003-2020, by Ed Trice.

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