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      1. Tournament entrance fees are paid by CashApp to $CertifiedPurchase

      2. If paid by October 15, entrance fee is $5

      3. If paid by October 30, entrance fee is $10

      4. If paid by November 14, entrance fee is $15

    November 15, 2019 PyChess G/10 + 5 Gothic Blitz
    $250 1st Prize $100 2nd Prize
    The prize fund will increase with increased number of entries
    20% of the total prize fund ($70 so far) gets donated to pychess
    List Sorted By Rating List Sorted By Name
    Rating Player Player Rating
    2512 YaacAttack Entitled_Untitled 1926
    2173 Nordlandia gbtami 2027
    2027 gbtami Nordlandia 2173
    2010 panzerschiff ohioshogi 1880
    1926 Entitled_Untitled panzerschiff 2010
    1880 ohioshogi YaacAttack 2512

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